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Court hire

Star Badminton Center has the first and only professional badminton hall on the Gold Coast. 

The badminton courts in our arena are paved with sprung subfloor systems under PVC sports flooring, which provides protection for all kinds of strenuous actions when you exercise.

The latest high-tech sports field anti-glare lighting allows you to have a super sports experience.


Junior Class

Help to develop positive personal and social skills

Badminton introduction, basic steps& techniques

Age 6-15 , Friday 16:00-18:00 ; Sunday 13:00-15:00

$55/Session, $450/10 Sessions


Badminton introduction, basic steps& techniques

Specific attention on the footwork, skills, tactics

Promote positive values of sport including tolerance, cooperation, teamwork and fair play.

Age 6-15 , Holiday weekdays 10:00-12:00

$55/Session, $225/5 Sessions

Court Hire

Recharge plan

get up to

30% Bonus

Prepaid special

$300 Recharge

30% Bonus


weeks only

Prepaid special

$300 Recharge

30% Bonus

2 Weeks Only

Social Session

All levels are welcome

Two hours per session

Great exercise and fun sport to play


Private Coaching

Anyone who wants to upgrade to the next level

Specific attention to correcting weaknesses

Build up advanced badminton skills& tactics


All racquets are strung carefully using the recommended stringing pattern by the respective manufacturers

A wide variety of strings to choose from



Authorized and licensed Yonex, Victor dealer, huge range of products with competitive price

Shuttlecock, racquet, shoes, apparel, bags, strings, grips, socks accessories